4 Sex Tips That Can Make Couples More Love

Having quality sex often enough to provide many health benefits: repel stress, make sleep more sound, and improve the immune system. However, one of the best benefits of sex is that it makes you and your partner become more intimate and closer. The length of erection can also make your relationship more intimate. You can order Viagra Online at Canadian Pharmacy to make your erection last longer.

Sex can indeed improve the quality of relationships. Make it tighter, deeper and better overall.

One study in Psychological Science found that couples can feel sexual satisfaction until two days after intercourse. This satisfied effect also affects satisfaction with the relationship as a whole.

The following some sex tips that can increase the sense of love and intimacy of the relationship as a whole:

1. Increase touch

All sex positions have their respective benefits. But there is a position that makes your body both far apart, for example, the woman on top or doggy style.

There is nothing wrong with this position, but if you and your partner want to continue to maintain the connection, try a position that makes you two touch more. For example, a missionary sex position or spooning.

Both of these sex positions “force” the body to overlap or touch almost completely. Hands also become freer, and your lips are also closer together.

Touching from skin to skin is something very basic and encourages the release of the hormone oxytocin, aka the love hormone. The effect, with this sex position, both of you will feel more loving each other.

2. Focus on foreplay

It’s not like you want to reduce intercourse, but most women need other forms of stimulation before they can reach orgasm. Without regular orgasms, sex can feel cut off, which will also reduce your closeness.

“To have the type of sex that is closer, try to think more broadly. Sex is beyond the penis and vagina,” said Mintz.

Spending more time enjoying activities that are usually “just” used as foreplay (oral sex, touching in intimate areas, deep kissing), can provide more physical and emotional satisfaction.

3. Look at each other

Maintaining eye contact during sex can indeed make you feel exposed, however, showing your fragile side can build intimacy.

Not everyone opens their eyes during sex, but occasionally stares, especially before reaching orgasm, can be very intimate and satisfying.

4. Communicate desires

Honestly conveying the kind of touch and movement you want can help to provide satisfaction, while building closeness. This also helps couples to become more open.

During sex, whisper to the partner, where you want to be touched and what. Or, you can also lead your partner’s hand to the area you want.

This desire you can also convey outside the bedroom, for example through sexy messages. Send a short message containing a brief description of what you want to do to him tonight, or vice versa.