6 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin to Stay Beautiful and Healthy After Menopause

Menopause causes a woman’s body to go through several major changes due to hormonal turmoil. One of them is a change in skin conditions, such as the appearance of pimples, redness, to dry or oily skin even though it was normal. But calm, wrinkled and sagging skin can be resisted by various ways to treat the skin to remain beautiful after menopause below. You can also contact the Canadian Pharmacy to maintain beautiful even after menopause.

Why does menopause cause skin aging?

Once you step on menopause, your body will stop producing collagen which reduces skin elasticity. In addition, estrogen levels also decrease. the combination of both makes the skin thinner, wrinkled, and drier. Lack of estrogen can also make testosterone levels more dominant, making your skin break out and growing fine hair around the face.

How to treat skin to stay beautiful after menopause

Even though you cannot avoid menopause, you can still prevent unwanted skin changes. Visit canadapharmacy.com to get more information about the skin treatment.

Here are some ways to treat beautiful skin before and after menopause.

  1. Keep your skin moist

As you get older, your skin will become drier because the oil glands are already inactive. Therefore, to maintain healthy skin, it is important for you to keep the moisture of your skin to stay hydrated. The use of a moisturizer can also help you fight fine lines due to the aging process. Some ways you can do this is by regularly washing your face and using a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin.

  1. Use sunscreen

Regardless of your age, still use sunscreen every day when you leave the house to protect your skin from radiation from the sun. Sun’s UV radiation can cause skin cancer. Choose a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30. The use of sunscreen can also help you fade black spots due to the aging process of the skin. In addition to sunscreen, also use additional protective devices, such as hats, gloves, or longhand clothes when you move outside the home.

  1. Consume foods rich in antioxidants

When you experience menopause, your body’s estrogen levels, and collagen production decrease. As a result, your skin will lose its elasticity. Therefore, you need to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants that can help maintain skin elasticity. Some foods that are rich in antioxidants are nuts, as well as red fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, grapes, apples. Vegetables are equally important, you know! Expand to eat broccoli, cabbage, mustard greens, garlic, tomatoes, and carrots to meet the body’s antioxidant intake.

  1. Sports

Whatever your age, exercise is a good way to maintain healthy skin. Exercise can help improve blood circulation and oxygen, which naturally slows down with age. Optimal circulation can make your skin look brighter and healthier. Some sports that can be done are aerobics, walking, yoga, swimming, and other light exercises.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation can change hormone levels and metabolism, which can worsen skin health during menopause. Therefore, you are recommended to get enough sleep at least 7 hours per day.

  1. Avoid stress

Stress can make your skin drier and more sensitive. Therefore, avoiding stress is one of the best ways to treat skin. Gather with family, take a walk in the morning or evening with friends/couples, gardening, or do other things that can make you more relaxed.