8 Things to do when you want to straighten your hair

To get straight hair that you crave, sometimes you have to go through various ways to straighten your curls. Either use the Steam Flat irons which applies heat directly to the hair, or applies hair straightening chemicals in the salon.

In order to avoid dry hair, difficult styled, even severe hair loss, try the following tips before straightening your hair:

1. Wash Your Hair for First Protection

As the first protection, shampoo every day regularly using a mild formulated shampoo, which is designed for dry and damaged hair.

2. Routine Care with Conditioner

After rinsing the shampoo from the hair, apply the conditioner and leave for 3 minutes, before cleaning it with cold water.

3. Have a Conditioner without Rinse

Before you start styling your hair into various hairstyles, apply a conditioner without rinsing. This method will provide extra moisture and make hair easier to arrange.

4. How to Care Hair Before Straightening

Use deep-conditioning products, such as hair masks, as a way of treating damaged hair due to hair straightening with too much flat iron or chemicals.

5. Routine Hair Trim

Prune at least 1-2 inches of dry, split ends. Removing it can improve healthier hair growth.

6. Change your diet

The food consumed can affect the condition of your hair. To restore severe hair loss due to hair straightening, choose a diet rich in protein.

7. How to Dry the Right Hair

If you can’t avoid using flat iron, as a way to straighten your hair quickly, dry your hair before using the tool. Use a towel to dry it naturally, or use a hair dryer to make it completely dry. The use of flat iron on hair that is still wet not only makes the hair straightening process take more time, but also damages the hair.

8. Use the lowest temperature

For those of you who can’t live without flat iron, choose one made from ceramic because it can distribute heat evenly, without too much damage to the hair. In addition, adjust the heat temperature needed as a way to straighten hair quickly. For normal hair, keep the temperature between 150-180C. Adjust the thickness of the hair.