5 Tips on Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses


Bridesmaids in a wedding by many people are considered as important. Bridesmaids are also an important symbol in adding to the beauty of the wedding moment because generally the closest friend who accompanies the bride and groom in the direction of the marriage

This makes the selection of dresses for bridesmaids into details of the brides’ attention. They will accompany the bride and groom on the way to the altar and during the wedding.

The selection of bridesmaid dresses should be done in conjunction with the selection of her own wedding dress. The goal is that the concepts and themes do not contradict or appear to be disconnected from the theme of marriage. Use time 6-7 months before the wedding to find and choose the best of mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

Here are some tips that can be used in choosing and searching for bridesmaid dresses that you want according to.

  1. Adjust the wedding venue

The first tip for choosing a bridesmaid’s dress is to consider where the wedding will be held. Whether at home, in a building, indoors or outdoors. Wrong to choose a wedding dress because this factor can make your accompanist hot or cold, or even look too excessive compared to its location.

For weddings inside the building, use a long gown with a lace material that is rather sparkling and suitable for bridesmaids who wear magnificent dresses.

  1. Customize the Theme

Pay attention to the color theme of the party to determine the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Adjust the color of the bridesmaid’s dress with your dress, or at least one level younger or older. For example, if the color of your wedding theme is gray, then a silver-colored dress with a modern and futuristic touch can be your first choice. Flattering dresses with a little sparkle will add to the luxurious impression of your bridesmaid dresses.

  1. Mix or Match

Decide, whether the bridesmaid dresses to be worn are the same model or different. Different dress models, even with the same color according to your wishes and a model that matches your accompanist will be very well chosen.

The reason, because not all clothing models will fit everyone. So, let your accompanist be creative. One of the important tips for those of you who choose a combination model is to use one type of color and add another color as an additional touch, such as silver combined with pink

  1. Pay attention to the length of the dress

It’s best to use the same dress length for your accompanist to make it look more harmonious. The length of the dress can be mini or midi as you wish and an agreement with your accompanists. The same length of the dress will make your wedding party look more harmonious even though each accompanist wears a different dress model.

  1. Final touches

Use flowers and accessories to add beautiful bridesmaid dresses. This accessory can also increase their harmony. Choose the same accessory color for a harmonious impression, for example, a silver accessory that will also add luxury. The addition of these accessories and banquet flowers is also a characteristic for bridesmaids, and usually, these accessories will be kept as a memento.