Want to Have a Wedding on the Beach

Who is not impressed with the concept of marriage on the beach? If you feel bored with parties in buildings that are just like that, maybe a wedding on the beach can be used as an alternative.

The concept of a wedding on the beach or commonly called a beach wedding is becoming a trend among today’s brides. Especially after several celebrities both at home and abroad, showing the results of wedding reception photographs they held on the beach to the public. Many feel that the wedding of a celebrity couple feels so romantic and sacred with the waves and the blue of the ocean as the background.

Not a few who then want to hold a wedding reception with the same concept. Are you one of them? If so, the bride and groom must listen to the following article to find out what needs to be prepared before holding a wedding reception on the beach.

Wedding Dress

Choose beach wedding dresses as comfortable as possible. You can choose a dress without a tail. Similarly, footwear, avoid using high heels. Choose flat footwear or you can look sexier without using footwear. If you lack confidence in height, you can work around this by choosing the right dress and hairdo.


The concept of a reception at the beach can be started even after sending an invitation. How to? It’s easy, the bride and groom just need to enter the ocean element into the invitation to be shared. Give a blue color or an illustration of objects that are often found on the beach, for example, a starfish, conch shells, or maybe a whale.

There is no harm in including the concept of reception in the invitation, this will strengthen the impression of the beach to friends or family who receive invitations from you, so they can get a shadow of how sweet and romantic the reception will be celebrated.

Choose a Place

Weddings on the beach against the backdrop of rolling waves may look romantic and unique, but the bride and groom must still be careful. If the waves are too big, the invited guests may feel frightened instead of enjoying the natural beauty imagined in the beginning.

In addition, the sound of waves that are too tight will also disrupt the procession that should be sacred. Therefore, the bride and groom must choose the location of the reception well. Beach areas with calm waves can be chosen as an alternative.


Wedding reception without decoration will certainly feel bland, but if the bride and groom plan to hold a wedding reception on the beach, the selection of decorations must be well thought out. Unlike weddings in general, decorations with a dominant white color may be crossed out first.

How not, even though it seems sacred and elegant, white decoration will certainly get dirty quickly if placed on a sandy beach. Types of decorations with a large cross-section also need to be avoided. Surely the bride and groom do not want your wedding reception to fall apart because the decorations are prepared chaotic by the strong wind that blows, right?

Marriage Souvenirs

The wedding reception at the beach has finished well, so how do you keep the impression of the beach chosen as your recipe concept in mind? Providing wedding souvenirs that will always remind guests of the invitation to the beach can be a choice. It is not difficult to find souvenirs related to the beach.

The bride and groom can visit the clam craftsman to make a souvenir that will remind the invitation to your wedding reception. What’s more, this kind of craft generally also has a high aesthetic value, making it suitable as a display in the living room.

Approximately, what is the concept of marriage on the beach imagined? Don’t hesitate to invite your partner and discuss and mature the concepts that the bride and groom have so the results will be more satisfying. Who knows, he can provide fresh ideas that will perfect this reception concept.